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Week Beginning 3rd March

Monday 2'10" as usual, but a good colour with it. A windy day, cool, but no complaints about the weather! Nothing caught save a 7lb-ish kelt.

Tuesday 2'1" and as perfect a day to fish as we have had since the 2014 season began. A bright and breezy day. We blanked in the morning, but in the afternoon Richie pulled out 3 springers from the Slates on a 2" black and yellow tube - all new fish. Unfortunately, one swallowed the fly right down and bled, so sadly that was that as far as that one got up the river.

Wednesday 1'10" and the lowest it's been this season. We have one rod here today whom we know well and he's a cracking fisher, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we get. A windy day, but dry and mild. Only the one fish caught for the day, but what a cracker! It came from the Weetles and was 9lb and covered in sea lice - caught on fly, a 2" black and orange on a wet cell 2 line. We also got a 14lb kipper in the same pool and it put up a bloody good fight as well! I really thought we could pull a couple out today, and it was not for lack of effort. Rain forecast for tonight which could mess things up for Thursday - here we go again!!!

Thursday 1'10" and the lowest so far, it's good to see. We had a great day with 4 fish, 2 from the Slates, 1 from the Blackstone at the top and 1 from the New Stream at the bottom. All caught on a sink tip line and 1 1/2 tubes in the usual black and yellow. But any fly will do as fresh springers are great takers! The sizes were 11, 9, 9 and 7lb and we saw even more fish head and tailing slipping through us. The last couple of years, March has not been the best of months, so let's hope that this is a sign of things to come!

Friday 3'7" and again the colour of fudge. Snookered again and Saturday may not be any good either looking at today's colour. It's to be settled next week thank goodness. So we got on with clearing landslides up the paths - there's always something to be getting on with so it's sometimes handy to get a flood now and again so we can catch up with all the jobs. I saw 43 goosanders fly by this morning and they say there's not a lot of them about!

Saturday 3'4" and a filthy colour! A grand mild day. Forecast good for next week at least. We bailed, checked the boats and eventually went home. Looking forward to next week if the forecast is anything to go by - there might be some more fun on the cards!