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Week Beginning 24th March

Monday 9" and clear.  A cracking day, bit of sun and cloud.  Richie pulled two fish out, one from the Shott and one from the Blackstone.  Both fresh and caught on a sink tip and 1" tube.  I on the other hand got nothing - but at least I saw fish in the top half!

Tuesday 7" and perfect.  A cold day with a south east wind.  We got six between us from the Slates, Blackstone, Shott and New Stream.  I had my two on a sink tip and 1" Dee Monkey.  Amazingly, Richie got his four on a full floating line and size 8 dressed treble, stripped through the pool.  Summer tactics on a cold March day = four fish.  Never say never!!!

 Wednesday 5"  Again, a cold day due to that bloody east wind.  However, we got four fish from Blackstone, Pumping House and Hedgend.  This time intermediate lines and sink tips were the order of the day.  One fish I netted was only 3lb!  I've heard of a 2lb and 1lb fish netted in the Lees and Birgham Dub.  What's going on?!

Thursday 4"  A bitter day with an east wind.  Four fish caught, all from the top half.  Again all brand new fresh.  This is fun!

Friday 4"  The most bitter day so far with that horrible east wind.  Nothing was caught until the last half hour, with two fish coming from the Weetles both at 8lb.  Again, both brand new and caught on a size 8 dressed treble and sink tip line.

Saturday 6"  East wind still here but not as bad today.  A blank day - first for this week!  But at eighteen for the whole week we can't complain.