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Week Beginning 24th February

Monday 7 foot and rising. Probably won't be fishable until Wednesday - though not too sure about the forecast.

Tuesday 5 and a half foot and chocolate brown. The Leader is spewing in its red muck today so it's some colour! Got on with raking up and throwing in rubbish from the big water yesterday! When the hell is it going to stop raining in the west so we can get on with some serious fishing, instead of messing about on the banks in these big 3 foot + waters?!

Wednesday - River height at 4 foot 3" and filthy. The fishers arrived on Monday and left this morning, as they've just been unable to fish. However, they had a couple of good lunches in the hut, so enjoyed them at least.

Thursday 3'4" and rising. I thought we would get a go ourselves today but typically it's bggered again!!

Friday 3'6" but fairly clear at least and a nice bright day. Only 2 rods on today and, of course, at these heights we just hammered it with various spinners. My man got a good heavy "something" at the steps on the Slates, but it fell off and that was that!

Saturday 2'7" and at last a really good colour. A blustery day but bright. Three springers caught from the Slates at the steps - 8,8 & 11lbs. All brand new and all caught on a Toby. We tried fly first through the pools, but nothing. Put the Toby on - success! On the light bendy modern spinning rod it was great fun. The rods were all over the moon and will be back they tell me!