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Week Beginning 17th March

Monday 5" and clear. A grand day to be out on the river. We ended up with 3 springers from the Blackstone, Weetles and Top Ford. Two were fresh. I saw a wee pod of fish nip past me at the Blackstone at around 3pm. The method used was sinktip line and 1" tubes as usual.

Tuesday 3" A cool wind today and overcast. Despite our best efforts we never got a pull! Plenty of residents in the pools at the top were showing.

Wednesday 3" and rising up to 6" by 1pm, then dropping again. A very windy day and casting the fly was almost impossible. Although I saw a head of fish in the Slates and Blackstone, nothing was caught, not even a pull!

Thursday 3" What a hellish day to be out in! Heavy rain and almost gale force winds. Having said this, we did end up with three fish, one from the Blackstone and two from the Bushes. All caught on fly and for two of our rods it was their first ever fish! I just managed to remove the hook out of the throat of one fish, as again a fish had swallowed the fly right down!

Friday - The river is like fudge and rising, more rain forecast for Friday night so Saturday won't be any good judging by the forecast. A day to get new gas bottles and catch up on odd jobs.

Saturday - As I thought, river again like fudge. We checked and baled out the boats and cleaned out the hut. I'm hoping the weather is settled next week so we can get back to catching some of these splendid springers we've had! Can't believe March is almost over and we are fast approaching my two favourite months on the river - April & May. Everything is coming back to life as it warms up, buds are bursting with colour and looking lush and it's just a great time to be out fishing!