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Week Beginning 17th February

Monday - 3'3" and a good colour, but again it's at that 3 foot mark - huge!  A nice enough day but a jumper job.  All we managed to get was a 3lb sea trout kelt.

Tuesday 3'6" and rising - talk about a challenge?!  At least it was a nice day to be out and about in.  One old kelt was pulled out at the Slates on a toby spoon.

Wednesday 3'7" but clear and a nice enough day.  Not a pull, despite giving the tobys and blairs a good swim!

Thursday 3'2" rising to 3'10" by 1pm and colour getting browner by the minute.  A nice day but cold.  We had just the one rod here today and he spun the New Stream and Slates until lunchtime, but sadly never touched a thing.  We got on with some wee jobs in the afternoon.

Friday 3'10" and filthy.  The rods stayed put at the hotel as they knew what was happening river wise, so we caught up with some more wee jobs.

Saturday 2'9" and a good colour.  Only one rod to look after today.  I took him in the morning, whilst Richie fished, then we swapped over for the afternoon.  Between us we caught nothing!  More rain is forecast on Sunday, which will put us out for Monday, but should hopefully be okay for Tuesday.  I hear it's to be an unsettled week so more than likely the river will be up and down - more grey hairs for us ghillies' heads!