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Week Beginning 10th March and a Great Week Here at Floors

Monday 1'7" and a perfect colour!  A bright, sunny day and warm.  Only one rod fishing today and nothing caught.

Tuesday 1'4".  Same again today, sunny and mild.  By 5pm nothing had been caught, but one of the rods asked if he could fish on - so we showed him the New Stream and left him to it.  He got a 10lb fish - saw the photo the next morning and confirmed it as a springer!

Wednesday 1'2" and once again a cracking day to be out in.  And what a day!  We ended up with six brand spanking new springers.  They came from the top mainly - Blackstone, Weetles, Pumping House and Huddles.  All caught on intermediaries and sink tips on 1" tubes of the usual black and yellow and orange mix.

Thursday 11" and clear.  A bit more cloud for today, but still mild.  Five fish caught today, all by the same rod and all fresh as paint!  Again, from the top half on the same outfit.  Two other rods fished today, but had no joy.

Friday 9".  A much colder day and very windy!  We got four fish today, two from the very tail of the Shott and the other two from the Weetles.  Once again on sink tips and 1" tubes.

Saturday 7" and a cold and windy day.  We started this fantastic week on a blank day and we have finished on a blank day!  But no complaints as we ended up getting sixteen cracking fish.  Is this a sign perhaps that things are on the up?!  We saw a fair amount of fish head and tailing, nipping through to the upper beats as well!!  A great week!