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Week Beginning 10th February

Upper Floors - Monday 10th Feb, the river 3'1" as usual, but again not a bad colour.  A strong wind.  Nothing caught.

Tuesday - 2'6" and a good colour, but again a strong wind to contend with.  Richie got a cracking 13lb fresh fish from the Slates, and I got a cracker at the New Stream at 8lb, dripping in sea lice.  When you see springers in this condition there really is nothing like it !!!  A great prize and an honour to catch.  For years I have said I much prefer the spring - by hell you catch less but by hell they beat back end fish hands down!

Wednesday - 2'1" and getting down to a better height now, but forecast not good.  A nice day, but cold.  Not a pull.

Thursday - 4'6" and filthy!  A wild day and very cold.  Just got on with some jobs.  We got some overhanging branches/trees which were hanging over the Slates and have been for a few years now - made casting in high water almost impossible, so they've got the chop!  What a difference this will make now - lot of branches left to clear and tidy up.  Job done!

Friday - 3'2" and a grey colour.  Very, very windy.  The morning was nice enough to be out in, but the afternoon was bloody hellish!  We got soaked through by rain and east wind - the worst you can be out in.  No fish caught and glad to get home!

Saturday - 4'3" and chocolate brown with branches and rubbish coming down.  No fishing today - so an early weekend!