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Week Beginning 3rd February

 It's hard enough in the back end in high and coloured water, but in February it's very much a challenge, on fly especially. Overcast and windy all day and nothing caught. The rods had come across from Sweden to fish, so they gave it a good go for that reason and they all had a good time.

Tuesday 3' and colour surprisingly not too bad. Very windy. Richie and me fishing today and we got a kelt each.

Wednesday 3'3" at 9am, rising to 4'6" by mid pm. A bright day and we gave it a go until late morning, but no luck. So we got on with burning flood rubbish and raking up.

Thursday 3' and not a brilliant colour. Very windy but dry. Only managed to catch 3 kelts between us despite giving the Slates a good hammering. It would be good to get it down below a foot, as you just feel like you're fishing blind at these heights!

Friday 3' but a fairly good colour. A bright day, but cold. I missed out most of the morning's session as I had to go to see the doctor. I have torn my plantar fasciitis in the heel on my left foot and am hobbling around like an old man. It may take a month or so to repair and failing that I will have to get a steroid injection in it - GREAT!! On a more cheerful note, Richie managed to get a springer out of the Slates on a 2" black and yellow and wet 2 line - the fish was 8lb. He lost another - saw it cartwheel a few times so could confirm it was a springer.

Saturday 3'2" and rising. The colour is like a glass of ginger beer! We checked and baled the boats and took some rubbish up to the skip. The week's over but at least we have two springers in the book for the first week of the 2014 season - a grand start in my eyes!