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David Austin Garden Roses

David Austin Garden Roses

With their large fragrant flowers and strong, bushy growth, many of the
David Austin Garden Roses make exceptionally fine standard roses. 

Our David Austin Garden Roses are a great way to create height. It is important to make sure the surrounding roses are low-growing and are kept hard pruned so that they do not reach the head of the standard. 

These roses make superb centrepieces for small gardens, giving a highly decorative, rather formal effect. In a large bed, a group of three or four planted together (about 2 ft apart) will look most impressive. 

One traditional use is to plant two rows of standards, set some distance apart on each side of a garden path. 

They will create focal points in smaller lawns where a tree might be too overpowering, or would cast too much shade. 
Why not visit our Plant Center today to see our great range of David Austin Garden Roses would be best for your garden.