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David Austin Climbing Roses

David Austin Climbing Roses

In our Plant center we stock a full range of
David Austin Climbing Roses. Most English Roses can be grown as shrub roses, but some varieties have so much strength and vigour that they can easily be encouraged to form beautiful, fragrant climbers. Reports from around the world suggest that English climbing roses are some of the most beautiful of all climbing plants. 

Our David Austin Climbing Roses have the wonderful ability to flower from the top almost down to the ground. Their full, multi-petalled blooms have a tendency to nod, which means that their beautiful forms can be appreciated in their full glory. They repeat flower over a long season and have wonderful fragrances, which makes them perfect for placing by an entrance or around a doorway where they can be enjoyed every day. 

To grow an English Rose as a climber, simply fan out the stems and tie them loosely into place. The closer the stems are to horizontal, the more flowering shoots they will produce. Remove some of the shorter twiggier stems at the base of the plant. This will help to create a taller climber more quickly, by concentrating the plant's energy into the stronger stems. 

Planting against a wall will help to encourage climbing. The roots should always be kept well away from the base of the wall as this is often very dry. Lean the stems in towards the wall, fan them out and tie in. English Climbing Roses are well-suited to growing on small, decorative obelisks, arches or pillars as the growth is not so vigorous that it will overwhelm the structure. 
Why not visit our Plant Center today to discuss with us the what would be the best David Austin Climbing Rose for your garden.