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Sneeboer garden Tools

Sneeboer Tools

Sneeboer Tools are renowned for the highest quality, stainless-steel, hand-forged garden tools enjoyed by discerning gardeners.

The hallmark of Sneeboer tools is the synergy between new and old. Sneeboer artisans constantly seek new challenges, striving to develop innovative new tools, to improve on those tools that have proven their worth down the centuries and to resurrect tools which have been forgotten about.  

Skilled master craftsmen use traditional hand-forging techniques to transform new ideas into reality, new markets and modern methods are continually investigated and evaluated.  

 A fourth generation of the Sneeboer dynasty is waiting in the wings to continue the Sneeboer synergy of tradition and innovation and to take the company forward whilst always remembering the maxim of the company’s founder Arie Sneeboer: ‘I know I could do better’.  

As well as the famous sentence: “Anyone who has ever had a Sneeboer tool in their hand will never want to use anything else.”

Visit our Plant Center today and choose the perfect Sneeboer tool for your gardening needs.