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My Favourite Piece....

 Elizabeth Nowakowski has been a part of the Castle Guide team for many years now. Her knowledge of the Castle and its contents is simply amazing. Elizabeth tells us about her favorite piece in the Castle.  

"My favourite item in the Castle is the 17th Century Brussels Tapestry depicting the Triumph of the Gods. This tapestry hanging in the Drawing Room is one of the pieces inherited by the Duchess May, the American wife of the 8th Duke, when her mother died in 1929.

One can only wonder at the imagination required to picture and create such a classical scene, and the time taken by the weavers whose skill created, in such depth and detail, this wonderful artwork.  

The tapestries are almost 400 years old and still look as good today as when they were originally made.  However, the skill exercised by the artisans of the early 20th Century must also be appreciated by the observer, and these must have closely matched those of the originators, as it is almost impossible to tell that the Tapestries were cut to fit the alcoves within the room in which they now hang.

Each (piece) also tells of the ability and foresight of the 8th Duchess which must have been considerable, for her to have contemplated cutting the tapestries.  However, this she did, and again one can only imagine the trepidation that must have been felt when they were actually being ‘cut’, yet the product now stands testament to all involved, their attention to detail, skill and dedication.

Today the visitors to the Castle have the pleasure of looking at these wonderful tapestries which depict many elements of the classic tales, telling the stories of Roman Mythology, which are bound to capture their imagination. And for those whose imagination is captured the story of the later history, leading to their current surroundings also adds to their attraction and aura."

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